Ways to Use Stone Veneer Siding to Enhance Your Ashwaubenon Home’s Curb Appeal

First Impressions Matter

Ever driven by a house with stone veneer siding and thought, “Wow, that’s a dream home!”?

Or have you ever felt a pang of envy seeing a neighbor’s house looking so picturesque?

If you’re nodding, you’re about to discover the secret behind those jaw-dropping homes.

Dive in to learn how stone veneer can be a game-changer for your Ashwaubenon abode’s curb appeal.

By the end, you’ll be equipped to make an informed decision about your next siding installation in Ashwaubenon.

Introduction to Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is more than just a buzzword; it’s the first impression your home makes.

It’s that magnetic pull that makes heads turn when they pass by your house.

Factors like landscaping, paint color, and even your mailbox play a role.

But did you know that enhancing your curb appeal can also bump up your home’s value?

That’s right, a stunning exterior can translate to a heftier price tag if you ever decide to sell.

Benefits of Stone Veneer for Curb Appeal


Stone veneer isn’t just a trend; it’s a timeless addition that exudes luxury and charm.

More homeowners in Ashwaubenon are gravitating towards this high-end building material for its sheer beauty and resilience.

Not only does it elevate the look of your home, but its durability stands unmatched, especially when compared to traditional materials.

Reasons to Update Your Home’s Exterior with Stone Veneer

If you’re contemplating a home exterior revamp, stone veneer should top your list of types of siding materials to consider.

Not only does it skyrocket your home’s curb appeal, but it also promises a solid return on investment.

In fact, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, manufactured stone veneer siding has a stunning 88% ROI in the Green Bay area!

Plus, in a place like Ashwaubenon, where every home has its unique charm, stone veneer ensures yours stands out, all while preserving its value.

Why Manufactured Stone is the Optimal Choice

When it comes to home improvement, especially in the realm of siding, the debate often centers around manufactured (or cultured) stone veneer siding vs. natural stone siding.

Faux stone veneer, or vinyl stone siding, is another option to consider. Just keep in mind that this material is made from a high-density polymer, so does not feel like a natural stone when touched. See the image below for an example of how vinyl stone siding looks on a home.

A Wisconsin home with vinyl stone siding, also known as faux stone veneer

Both have their merits, but let’s delve deeper into why manufactured stone, commonly known as stone veneer, is increasingly becoming the go-to choice for many homeowners.

Authentic Aesthetics

One of the most significant selling points of manufactured stone veneer is its uncanny resemblance to natural stone.

Advanced manufacturing techniques have enabled the creation of stone veneer that captures the intricate details, textures, and colors of genuine stone.

This means you can achieve the classic and timeless look of stone without using the real thing.

Versatility in Design

Manufactured stone veneer offers a vast array of styles, colors, and textures.

Whether you’re aiming for a rustic look reminiscent of a Tuscan villa or a sleek, modern design, there’s a stone veneer to match your vision.

This design flexibility allows homeowners to customize their homes to their exact preferences, something that’s a bit more challenging with the limitations of natural stone varieties.


Budget often plays a pivotal role in home improvement decisions.

Manufactured stone veneer, being a product of modern manufacturing processes, is generally more affordable than natural stone.

Natural stone requires quarrying, cutting, and transporting, all of which add to its cost.

In contrast, stone veneer is produced in controlled environments, leading to cost savings that are passed on to the consumer.

Click the following link if you want to learn more about how much stone veneer siding costs in Ashwaubenon, WI.

Ease of Installation


Natural stone, with its irregular shapes and heaviness, can be challenging and time-consuming to install.

It often requires skilled masons and specialized equipment.

On the other hand, manufactured stone veneer is designed for ease of installation.

Its uniformity means less time spent fitting pieces together, and its lightweight nature eliminates the need for wall ties or footings.

This not only speeds up the installation process but also reduces labor costs.

Durability and Maintenance

While natural stone is undoubtedly durable, manufactured stone veneer is designed to be resilient against the elements.

It’s resistant to moisture, which reduces the risk of mold or mildew.

Additionally, its color doesn’t fade easily, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal remains intact for years.

And when it comes to maintenance, stone veneer shines again.

Unlike natural stone, which might require resealing over time, stone veneer typically requires minimal upkeep.

In short, while natural stone has its charm and place in the architectural world, manufactured stone veneer offers a compelling alternative.

It combines the beauty of stone with practical advantages, making it an optimal choice for those looking to enhance their homes without breaking the bank or compromising on aesthetics.

Ways to Enhance Your Ashwaubenon Home’s Curb Appeal With Stone Veneer Siding


Now that we’ve covered the benefits of stone veneer panels, the many reasons to use it on your home’s exterior, and why it is the optimal choice over natural stone, let’s dive into the ways you can use this versatile material to improve your home’s curb appeal:

House Siding: A Facelift for Your Home’s Exterior

Stone veneer siding is more than just a decorative element; it’s a transformative tool for your home.

This siding captures the essence of natural stone, offering a rich, textured appearance that can elevate any home’s exterior.

For instance, a colonial-style home in Ashwaubenon could benefit from a light-colored stone veneer, giving it a historic yet refreshed look.

On the other hand, a modern home might opt for a sleek, dark stone veneer, adding a touch of sophistication.

If you’re contemplating how much veneer to use, consider this: siding just the front facade can create a dramatic focal point, drawing eyes and admiration from passersby.

Entryways, Walkways, and Outdoor Spaces: First Impressions Matter


Your home’s entrance sets the tone for the entire property.

Imagine your porch pillars, previously plain, now boasting a stone veneer wrap, adding both texture and grandeur.

These touches not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also increase the perceived value of the home.

For those with patios or outdoor seating areas, incorporating stone veneer can create a cohesive look, seamlessly blending the home with its surroundings.

Accent Walls: Make a Statement

Accent walls have long been interior design staples, but why limit them to the indoors?

An exterior accent wall adorned with stone veneer can be a game-changer.

Picture a ranch-style Ashwaubenon home with a beige palette.

Now, imagine one of its walls, perhaps the one facing the garden, decked out in a rustic brown stone veneer.

The contrast not only breaks the monotony but also adds depth and character.

Whether you’re a fan of the earthy, warm hues or the minimalist, cool grays, stone veneer has got you covered.

Fireplaces: The Ultimate Gathering Spot

An outdoor fireplace covered with stone veneer

While indoor fireplaces have their charm, outdoor fireplaces have become the new must-haves, especially in areas with cooler evenings like Ashwaubenon.

Now, imagine elevating that fireplace with stone veneer.

A traditional brick fireplace could be transformed with a gray stacked stone veneer, making it the centerpiece of your backyard.

Or, for those starting from scratch, a rounded fireplace with a mix of tan and brown stone veneer could evoke a cozy, campfire feel.

The options are endless, with stone veneer offering a palette of colors, textures, and designs to ensure your fireplace isn’t just warm but also irresistibly inviting.

The Value Proposition of Manufactured Stone Veneer


In the world of home design and renovation, manufactured stone veneer has emerged as a frontrunner for those seeking to elevate their home’s aesthetics.

Let’s sum up all the advantages of this modern siding option:

  • Authenticity Meets Modern Innovation: Stone veneer panels offer the allure of hand-laid stone without the associated hassles. It’s the perfect blend of nature’s beauty and human ingenuity.

  • Hassle-Free Installation: Manufactured stone veneer is designed for convenience. Its uniformity ensures a snug fit, and its lightweight nature means no need for heavy machinery or specialized equipment. Installation is a breeze, and once it’s up, there’s minimal upkeep.

  • Low Maintenance, High Reward: Unlike natural stone, which might require periodic sealing to prevent moisture infiltration or staining, manufactured stone veneer stands resilient against the elements. Rain, snow, or shine, it retains its charm without demanding constant care.

  • Cost-Effective, But Still High-Quality: Achieving the stone look with natural materials can be a pricey affair, considering the costs of quarrying, transportation, and installation. Manufactured stone veneer, being a product of controlled and efficient production processes, offers a more budget-friendly alternative.

  • Versatile Design for Every Style: Whether you’re envisioning a rustic farmhouse vibe with rugged stone textures or a contemporary look with sleek, smooth stones, there’s a stone veneer to match every dream. The array of colors, styles, and finishes available ensures that every homeowner can find the perfect match for their unique vision.

Stone veneer panels aren’t just about aesthetics; it’s a holistic solution for those seeking beauty, durability, and value.

It encapsulates the charm of natural stone while eliminating its drawbacks, making it a prime choice for modern homes.

Bonus: Other Simple and Affordable Ways To Improve Curb Appeal

A person power washing their driveway to boost curb appeal
  • Clean your gutters: A simple task that can make a world of difference.

  • Paint the front door and shutters: A splash of color can rejuvenate your home’s look.

  • Power wash your driveway and walkways: Bid adieu to dirt and stains.

  • Add Landscaping Elements: Greenery always adds a touch of freshness.

  • Repair your driveway: No more unsightly cracks or weeds.

  • Update your siding: Consider mixing materials for a dynamic look.

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