Popular Siding Colors to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Home exterior with new vinyl siding.

Every homeowner wants to have a welcoming home. You need a house that gives off positive energy and enables you to decompress from your busy day.

Natural colors sit atop the most in-demand siding colors this year. However, exterior design styles fluctuate, and you never know what will be in style next year.

Urban Exteriors is a full-service siding installation company helping thousands of Northeast Wisconsin homeowners improve their homes’ aesthetic appeal each year. We have a portfolio that includes over 4,000 siding installations. Our installers are licensed and insured to install your siding quickly and efficiently.

Below, we will discuss the most practical siding colors for your Green Bay home.

Neutral Colors

Many Green Bay homeowners prefer neutral colors for their home’s siding. Neutral tones create ultimate flexibility for home designers. In addition, these shades complement several other colors, allowing you to get creative with your siding.

Here are some of the best neutral colors for your home’s siding.

1 – Forest Green (Mother Nature)

Forest green is an Earth tone, perfect for homes in rural areas of Green Bay.

Green Bay has many wooded neighborhoods surrounded by luscious greens and forestry. A forest green home color will help your home blend in with its surroundings while incorporating the best of Mother Nature.

2 – Desert Tan

You cannot go wrong with tan siding. Neutral tones blend into any environment.

No matter what the environment surrounding your house looks like, a neutral color will make a statement. It also gives you more flexibility with colored shades if you want to take a multicolor approach to your siding.

3 – Light Maple

Maple is one of our favorite colors for a home in Green Bay. It is warm, inviting, and works well with multicolor houses. Pairing maple siding with green or olive shutters and doors creates a beautiful aesthetic.

4 – White

The simplest of colors is also one of the classiest. White radiates elegance and is one of the cleanest colors to paint your siding. Pairing your white siding with black shutters and a red door is a recipe for beauty.

5 – Suede

Suede is another flexible color option for Green Bay homeowners. It pairs well with desert tan and dark roofs and shutters.

It is one of the best colors for your multicolor siding design.

6 – Shades of Gray

While many consider gray a dull color, the truth is many different types of gray work well on homes. Granite gray, for instance, is a shade of light gray that is among the most popular house colors nationwide. It fits in any environment and complements many colors.

Flagstone is a darker shade of gray that also acts as a neutral tone. If you are not a fan of cream or tan color schemes but want a classy-looking house, flagstone is the perfect color choice.

7 – Newport Taupe

Another classy siding color choice is Newport taupe. This variant of gray is perfect for coastal homes and has a neutral tone. Many homeowners pair Newport taupe siding with red roofs, doors, and shutters.

Colored House

House with blue exterior

An alternative to neutral tones is color siding. While illuminating colors provide less flexibility to home designers, they make a bold statement.

Different colors have varying meanings, each giving off its own vibes. Below are some of the best colored siding options for homeowners.

8 – Autumn Red

Autumn red is among the most popular siding colors for Green Bay homes. You probably have fond memories of your red barn if you come from a farming background. It is a nostalgic color that triggers a positive mood and makes you feel at home.

9 – Coastal Blue

Coastal blue is another viable siding color option for Green Bay homeowners. If you live near the coast, there may be no better color for your home. Blue gives off a calm, serene vibe and is welcoming for your guests.

10 – Marigold

Marigold is another one of our top-notch siding color choices. It is a light color that works well in a residential neighborhood or cul-de-sac.

Marigold is also a bright color that will illuminate your home during the daytime.

11 – Sable Brown

If you prefer a dark exterior color for your home’s siding, opt for sable brown. It will create a nice contrast to the other homes in your neighborhood. Also, it is one of the few dark colors that give off warm vibes.

Stained House Color

Wood house with stain

Stains are another intriguing siding option for Green Bay, WI, homeowners. Staining your home safeguards your wood and resists peeling.

Stains contain resins, oils, pigments, and additives to create a clean, visually stunning home siding option. With a top-notch stain job, you can increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars. Our experts are happy to teach you about the different kinds of stains you can use on your home’s siding.

Stain comes in many colors, patterns, and designs. Below are some of the most popular stain siding options for homeowners.

13 – Cedar Wood

Cedar is a stained color that exudes a rusty, homey feel. If you live in a rural area of Green Bay, a cedar home is an ideal siding option. You can make your home resemble a log cabin with this naturalistic siding choice.

14 –  Mahogany

Like cedar, mahogany is a natural-looking siding that blends in with nature. This warm stain looks extravagant yet classy. A mahogany roof fits in nearly any environment.

15 – Redwood

Redwood siding grows in popularity each year. It is stunning and inviting for visitors. Combine your redwood siding with dark windows and gray doors for an awe-inspiring look.

Invest in Siding Installation

Quality siding can improve your home’s curb appeal. A house with top-notch siding can sell for thousands of dollars more than a home that needs exterior renovations.

If your Northeast Wisconsin home needs siding installation services, we can help. Urban Exteriors specializes in siding installation and repair services, helping thousands of homeowners pick the best vinyl siding colors and materials for their homes. Fill out our contact form today for more information.