How Much Does Stucco Siding Cost in Ashwaubenon, WI?

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Stucco Siding: A Solid Choice for Your Home’s Facade

Are you curious about the cost of stucco siding for your Ashwaubenon home and what factors influence its price?

Have you also wondered about the overall value and cost-effectiveness of stucco for your home?

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This guide will take you through the nuances of stucco siding costs, breaking down the average expenses and diving into the factors that shape its pricing.

As we delve into this topic, expect to learn not only about stucco’s cost-effectiveness but also its aesthetic and practical benefits, ensuring you make a well-informed decision for your siding installation in Ashwaubenon.

Get ready to uncover the reasons why stucco siding could be the perfect investment for your property.

The Cost of Stucco Siding in Ashwaubenon

A view looking up at a home with stucco siding

Stucco siding, a popular choice in Ashwaubenon, offers a blend of durability and aesthetic appeal.

But what does it cost to install stucco on your home?

Average Costs and Price Per Square Foot

The cost of stucco siding typically falls between $13 and $17 per square foot.

This pricing includes both materials and labor.

For an average-sized home in Ashwaubenon, encompassing approximately 2,000 square feet, the total stucco siding cost averages around $30,000.

This figure is just a ballpark, as actual prices can fluctuate based on several factors.

Factors Affecting Stucco Siding Costs

Several elements can influence the final price tag of stucco siding. These include:

  • Labor Costs: Professional installation is a significant component of the overall cost. The expertise required for applying stucco can impact labor expenses.

  • Materials Used: The type of stucco used—whether traditional stucco made from Portland cement, sand, and lime or a synthetic option—can alter costs.

  • Size of the Home: Larger homes in Ashwaubenon require more materials and labor, thereby increasing the cost.

  • Existing Siding: If your home currently sports vinyl siding or another material, removing it can add to the total cost.

  • Local Labor Rates: The cost for skilled labor can vary depending on which siding contractor you hire, affecting the overall expense.

Understanding these factors helps homeowners in Ashwaubenon make informed decisions about stucco siding, balancing their budget with desired aesthetic and functional outcomes.

What is Stucco Siding?

Scaffolding next to a home being plastered with stucco

Stucco siding, a distinctive feature on many homes in Ashwaubenon, is more than just a visually appealing facade.

It’s a robust siding material with deep historical roots and significant practical value.

Traditional stucco is crafted from a blend of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water, resulting in a durable cement-type mixture that’s been used in buildings for centuries.

Originating from ancient times, stucco has been a preferred material in various cultures, including Greek and Roman civilizations, due to its strength and versatility.

In Ashwaubenon, just like in other regions of the U.S., stucco siding is highly valued for its resilience and ease of maintenance.

Its popularity is evident in various neighborhoods, where it withstands the local climate while providing homes with a smooth finish and an attractive exterior.

Stucco’s enduring appeal lies in its ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for a variety of architectural styles found across Ashwaubenon.

From the charming homes near Pioneer Park to the contemporary structures in Parkside Estates, stucco adds both character and functionality to Ashwaubenon’s diverse residential landscape.

Pros of Stucco Siding

Stucco siding, a staple in Ashwaubenon’s residential architecture, offers numerous benefits:

Versatility in Finish and Color

Stucco’s adaptability allows it to be tailored to the unique style of each neighborhood in Ashwaubenon.

It can be crafted with a smooth finish or a more highly textured surface, fitting seamlessly with various architectural designs.

Moreover, stucco can be pigmented or painted to match any color scheme, enhancing the curb appeal of homes across the region.

Fire Resistance

One of the key advantages of stucco is its fire resistance.

This feature is particularly valuable in residential areas prone to fire hazards.

Stucco’s composition makes it a safer choice for siding material, offering an extra layer of protection to homeowners.

Moisture Resistance

In Ashwaubenon’s varied climate, stucco’s moisture resistance is a significant benefit.

It withstands the seasonal weather changes well, protecting homes from water damage.

This resilience makes stucco a practical choice for exterior siding in the region.


Stucco siding is known for its longevity and low maintenance.

It resists wear and tear, ensuring that homes stay well-maintained with minimal effort.

Cons of Stucco Siding

While stucco siding offers many advantages to homeowners in Ashwaubenon, it’s important to consider its potential drawbacks:

Challenges in Wet Climates and With Foundation Stability

Stucco, though generally resilient, can face challenges in extremely wet climates.

In areas of Ashwaubenon that experience high moisture levels, stucco might be more susceptible to water damage.

Additionally, homes with shifting foundations, common in older neighborhoods, may see more stucco cracks due to their rigid nature.

Considerations for Specific Environments

In Ashwaubenon, where the climate is relatively balanced, stucco usually performs well.

However, it’s crucial for homeowners to assess their specific situation.

Houses near water bodies or in low-lying areas might need additional waterproofing measures.

It’s also important to consider the existing siding material – transitioning from brick or wood siding to stucco can influence the installation process and overall cost.

Understanding these nuances ensures that residents make the best choice for their home’s exterior, maintaining both the aesthetic and structural integrity of their property.

Stucco vs. Other Siding Materials


When comparing stucco to other popular siding materials in Ashwaubenon neighborhoods, it’s crucial to weigh their differences in cost, appearance, and durability.

Comparison with Vinyl, Wood, and Fiber Cement Siding

  • Vinyl Siding: Often chosen for its low cost and ease of installation, vinyl siding is a common sight in many Ashwaubenon areas. However, stucco surpasses vinyl in terms of durability and fire resistance. Follow the link to learn more about the pros and cons of vinyl siding.

  • Wood Siding: While wood adds a classic, natural look to homes, it typically requires more maintenance than stucco. Stucco offers a balance of low maintenance needs and aesthetic flexibility, making it a preferred choice for homeowners seeking a balance between functionality and style. Discover more pros and cons of wood siding here.

  • Fiber Cement Siding: Stucco provides a traditional, textured finish and is known for its aesthetic appeal, but it may require more maintenance, especially in wet climates. Fiber cement siding, on the other hand, offers greater versatility in appearance, often mimicking other materials, and is more resistant to fire, wind, and pests, but typically comes with a higher initial cost.

Cost-effectiveness and Longevity Comparisons

  • Cost-effectiveness: While stucco and fiber cement may have higher initial costs compared to materials like vinyl or wood, their longevity, and low maintenance can lead to long-term savings. Both are durable options suited to withstand varied weather conditions in Ashwaubenon.

  • Longevity: Stucco and fiber cement are resilient choices, each capable of lasting for decades when well-maintained. This makes them wise investments for homeowners, offering extended lifespans and sustained curb appeal over time.

In short, stucco siding stands out in Ashwaubenon for its blend of durability, fire resistance, and curb appeal, offering a compelling alternative to other common siding materials.

Installation Considerations

A worker applies stucco to a home

DIY vs. Professional Installation

While do-it-yourself projects might seem cost-effective, stucco application requires specific skills and tools.

For most, the complexities of the stucco application process, including preparing the exterior walls and applying the finish coat, make professional installation a more reliable choice.

Labor Costs and Technical Challenges

The labor costs for installing stucco can vary based on the project’s complexity, the application technique used, and the desired finish you are looking for.

A new stucco siding installation requires a specific process that involves applying several layers, starting with a scratch coat on a metal lath, followed by a base layer, and finishing with the desired stucco finish.

Given the labor-intensive nature of the job, professional installation ensures a well-executed application, contributing to the longevity and curb appeal of your home’s exterior.

Stucco Material Types and Costs

Variety of Stucco Materials

When it comes to selecting stucco for homes in Ashwaubenon, homeowners have a range of material options:

  • Traditional Stucco: This is the classic stucco made from a mix of Portland cement, sand, lime, and water. It’s known for its durability and highly textured finish.

  • Synthetic Stucco: Also known as EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems), synthetic stucco includes layers of rigid foam board, bonding adhesive, and synthetic finish. It offers more insulation than traditional stucco.

Cost Range for Each Material Type

The cost of stucco materials varies:

  • Traditional Stucco: Generally costs between $0.10 to $0.15 per square foot for the raw ingredients.

  • Synthetic Stucco: This option can be more expensive due to additional materials like acrylic additives, but offers benefits like improved insulation.

Each type of stucco finish brings its unique benefits and costs, impacting the overall appeal and functionality of the home’s exterior.

Energy Efficiency and Insulation

Stucco’s Insulating Properties

Stucco siding is not just aesthetically pleasing but also serves as an effective insulator.

The insulation capacity of stucco is especially beneficial in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, regardless of the weather outside.

Impact on Energy Costs and Efficiency

Homes in Ashwaubenon with stucco siding can experience lower heating and cooling bills thanks to stucco’s thermal resistance.

The material’s thickness acts as a barrier against external temperature changes, contributing to more energy-efficient homes.

This aspect of stucco siding is a significant draw for homeowners looking to enhance their property’s energy efficiency while also managing long-term utility costs.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Stucco siding is renowned for its low maintenance needs.

This durable material typically requires just basic care to maintain its appearance and structural integrity.

To keep the stucco looking fresh, homeowners can periodically clean it with a power washer on a gentle setting.

For minor issues like hairline cracks, simple DIY repairs using stucco patching compounds are often sufficient.

Stucco Siding and Home Value

Impact on Resale Value and Home Appeal

The durability and aesthetic qualities of stucco contribute significantly to a home’s marketability.

In neighborhoods like Ashland Village, where housing styles vary, stucco offers a timeless appeal that resonates with potential buyers.

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