Front Glass Doors: Types Of Glass, Styles, And More

Front glass door

Are you considering installing a glass front door for your home? Are you wondering what types and styles of glass front doors are available?

This blog post will cover all the different types of glass, styles, shapes, and materials available for front glass doors. Many of them can also work for patio doors.

After reading this article, you will comprehensively understand front glass door options and know how to choose the perfect one for your home! 

Types Of Glass For Front Glass Doors

Door with decorative frosted glass

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular options available for exterior doors:

Clear Glass

Clear glass is your traditional go-to choice if you want an unobstructed view. Installing clear glass front doors in your entryway is a great way to add a modern, contemporary touch to your space. They allow you to bring light into dark hallways and entry rooms and let guests appreciate your beautiful front entry before they enter.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass blocks visibility while still allowing light to pass through. This ensures plenty of natural light while maintaining privacy. It’s a great way to increase your curb appeal!

Rain Glass

Rain glass is an attractive option with its unique appearance, providing the benefits of privacy and style to any front entrance. The ‘obscure’ effect of rain glass ensures that you have privacy while still enjoying natural light. The rain glass’s unique texture also helps obscure shadows to prevent anyone from knowing what’s happening on the other side. 

Stained Glass

You can create the perfect entryway focal point by combining the vivid hues and visual effects of tinted glass with timeless door design styles. The various textures and shapes offered in stained glass windows can block intense sunlight while still providing bright, colorful illumination. 

Ornate Glass

Ornate glass allows natural sunlight to pour in while still preserving your home’s privacy. The intricate designs lend a certain beauty and elegance to the front of your home.

Wrought Iron And Glass Combination

Wrought iron and glass doors are an attractive accent to your front door with their classic design and texture. Wrought iron and glass combinations are also great choices for exterior door security.

Designed Glass Styles For Front Doors

Designed glass front door

There are many different designed glass styles for front entry doors. Each one creates a unique and stunning look for your home.

Reeded Glass

Reeded glass offers a high-end-looking design and adds elegance to front glass doors. Whether used alone or as part of an arrangement of panels, reeded glass can add an aesthetic charm that catches the eye while optimizing privacy with its distinctive linear etchings. 

Granite Glass

This decorative glass features a unique pattern of small glass beads that merge into one piece of textured paneling. With excellent insulation to guard against cold and heat transfer, granite glass offers a degree of energy efficiency and decorative flair.

Glue Chip Glass

Glue chip glass is becoming a trending style for front glass doors. With intricate crystalline patterns and unique designs, it is the perfect addition to any home. This textured glass style also provides additional character and noise reduction.

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass represents a truly unique design style for front glass doors because of its intriguing decorative look. Sandblasting involves using pressurized sand propelled at a sheet of glass using specialized machinery. This creates intricate patterns that add a texture you don’t see in other decorative glass options. 

Stippolyte Glass

Stippolyte glass provides a contemporary design with an element of privacy. The special effect style of this type of glass, commonly created with an acid etch, or a sandblasting technique, obscures visibility without blocking natural light and preserves the overall ambiance of the front entrance.

Taffeta Glass

This designed glass style has many benefits, providing your front glass doors with more than just an aesthetic lift. It creates a visually stunning effect with its combination of translucent and transparent elements. Taffeta glass provides privacy while allowing natural light into your home.

Mayflower Glass

Mayflower glass makes the perfect entry door accessory. It allows light to come in while keeping your living space secure and adds a classic aesthetic charm you won’t find in other materials. The design features circular floral ornaments arranged in symmetrical patterns with leading lines that further enhance their beauty. 

Sycamore Glass

This signature decorative glass has a unique leaf design that adds visual impact to any type of door.

Everglade Glass

This style of glass is specially designed to have a unique texture of bead detailing and patterning, so it stands out when seen from a distance. This type of glass also comes in various muted colors. 

Digital Glass

No, digital glass does not let you browse the internet at your front door. However, it does feature a pixelated design that may remind you of one of your digital devices. Digital glass front doors are trending as a contemporary designed glass style. 

Styles Of Front Doors With Glass

Modern style front door

You also have several choices when it comes to the style of the front door itself.


Craftsman front glass doors are typically constructed from strong hardwoods and have glass panes at the top third of the door. Craftsman-style doors provide ample privacy while still letting in natural light. 


Modern styles usually have full-glass panels with metal frames giving homes a sleek contemporary look. Modern front glass doors let in natural light, eliminating the need for extra lighting and reducing long-term energy costs. These entry doors are perfect if you want to minimize the division between your inside and outside living space.


Rustic front doors with glass typically feature wood that has been distressed to simulate an older appearance. This is a great door style for homeowners who want a door that matches a farmhouse aesthetic.

Types Of Front Doors With Glass

Glass Door With Sidelights

Most types of front doors with glass fall into one of these broad categories.

Glass Door With Sidelights

This type of front door features glass panels on either side of the door, providing abundant natural light.

Single Glass Door

This type of front door is just a single door with some type of glass panel.

Double Glass Door

A double glass door is any style of glass door paired with another. This type of front door is often used with sidelights to create a stunningly spacious entranceway.

Shapes Of Glass For Front Doors

Front door with oval glass

Besides the types and styles of glass and front doors, there is also the shape of the glass itself. Here are some of the more popular options.


These elegant entry doors feature an arch at the top rather than the more traditional horizontal door head. The only drawback to this door shape is that you may need to alter your doorway unless you already have an arched entranceway.


The curved shape of oval glass adds a sophisticated and stylish touch, allowing your front entryway to stand out from the neighbors. 

Vertical Rectangle

This sturdy and modern style creates an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property. The narrow rectangular glass shape also offers privacy without compromising natural light. 

Horizontal Rectangle

Less common than the vertical rectangle glass shape, the horizontal rectangle shape of glass lends a modern, contemporary sensibility to your entranceway.

Privacy Treatment Options For Front Glass Doors

Curtains behind sidelights

Try one of these popular privacy treatments to lower the visibility through your front door.


Savvy homeowners are turning to curtains as their front door treatment of choice. Not only can you find something picturesque and functional, but you’ll also be able to customize your curtains depending on your décor.


Blinds offer a simple, stylish, and cost-effective option that can easily be added to front glass entry doors. They come in many materials and sizes to fit most windows and front glass door measurements.

Door Materials To Put Glass In

Glass door with border material

After selecting your style, type, and shape of glass and door, you’ll need to decide on a door material.

Full Glass With Border Material

Usually found in modern-style entry doors, this look combines class and sophistication with the safety of a solid material. Its smooth, minimalist look provides ample lighting for your front entryway or can be dressed up to integrate a custom design element into your home’s architectural style. 


Fiberglass is highly durable and requires little maintenance. Fiberglass doors include a foam core clad in a layer of fiberglass on both sides, creating an aesthetically pleasing look that generally doesn’t require painting or staining. Fiberglass doors also tend to be less expensive than wood doors.


Wood doors are classic and timeless and can be easily customized to the existing style of your dwelling. A wood entry door is sturdy and durable enough to bear large plates of glass without flexing or warping, allowing them to look their best and last for many years.


Steel is the perfect material for front glass doors that need to be light, secure, and durable. Galvanized steel doors will also protect against moisture damage, making it a great choice for locations where rust can be an issue.

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