Find Out If You Can Paint Vinyl Siding

Many homeowners use vinyl siding to improve their home exteriors. It is sturdy and reliable in harsh weather conditions and does not require much maintenance compared to other materials, like wood or stucco. The cost-effective protection of vinyl makes it a home exterior staple; however, vinyl wears down over time like anything else.

You have a few options when your home’s vinyl siding no longer looks as vibrant as it once was. If you are unsure about repair costs, you may wonder, “Can you paint vinyl siding?” After all, it may seem like painting over the faded vinyl will do wonders for your wallet.

Here, we’ll tell you the potential pros and cons of trying this project.

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

So, can you paint vinyl siding?

Yes, painting vinyl siding is not only possible, but you can hire someone to do it or do it yourself. Vinyl siding is a more DIY-friendly material to work on than others. There are several reasons a homeowner may decide on a new paint job for their vinyl-sided home, including:

  • Covering up sun bleaching
  • Increasing siding durability
  • Renewing paint color for curb appeal
  • Other aesthetic color changes

We recommend that you only consider repainting the vinyl if it is relatively undamaged, save for sun bleaching. Painting over weather damage that caused siding cracks, dents, and warps will not fix it. Instead, it will only cover up a solvable problem and make it harder to repair in the long run.

Exterior Paint And Tips On How To Best Use It

Answered can you paint vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is DIY-friendly if you know the best methods for painting your vinyl. Unlike painting interior walls, you have to follow different steps and use the correct paint and cleaning solution. Otherwise, you could end up with more siding damage or less curb appeal than you started.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  1. Choose paint that is the same or a lighter color than the one currently on the siding. If you choose a darker color, it will absorb more heat than the siding can handle and can cause it to crack and warp. Then, on top of the paint and equipment cost, you will need to replace your siding anyway.
  2. Ensure your paint has the ingredients and properties required for vinyl siding. If you choose the least expensive option available without careful consideration, it could flake off after just a few days or cause siding damage; it should contain acrylic and urethane resins to accommodate vinyl size expansion and reduction over the day. Since it is for exterior vinyl covering, it should specifically have latex urethane for durability.
  3. Make sure you have or can make the right cleaning solution for the siding before painting it. Pre-paint cleaning is necessary to remove any mold, mildew, or built-up debris from exposure to the elements.
  4. Prepare yourself for the hazards of exterior painting, including weather conditions and the length of time needed to paint. You will also need the right tools to paint, including a paint sprayer, rollers, and masking tape. Then, do the painting process twice, as you will need two coats for proper siding protection.

Reasons To Drop The Painting Project

Long home with lighter gray vinyl siding

If picking up a paint sprayer and having a painting party does not sound fun to you, that is a good reason to do something else. On top of potential siding damage and warping, painting your vinyl could have several additional repercussions. For example, you could lose your siding’s warranty, miss out on positive home improvement opportunities, and the overall costs might not be worth the trouble.

Warranty And Insurance Loss

Before trying to paint your siding, we recommend you check your warranty. In many cases, the siding production company voids the warranty for replacement after damages upon being painted. Otherwise, it may still be viable, but only if you have and use a specific kind of exterior paint.

Additionally, some property insurance policies do not honor insurance claims for damage to your house if you or someone else painted the siding. It is vital to carefully read through your home insurance policy to determine whether painting is a stipulation.

Home Improvement

When you have a problem with your home, it is a great time to do an inspection and improve on it. Painting over faded siding without checking on potential home improvements can cause problems down the line, including leaks, wall damage, and poor indoor temperature management.

You could use the time, money, and energy you would put into doing a siding paint job to get newer, more insulated siding. Additionally, if the siding is more severely damaged, painting over it will do little to nothing to improve your home’s integrity. The best policy is to consider the other factors that go into home care than just the curb appeal.

Overall Cost

Home with brown vinyl siding

The reason you asked, “Can you paint vinyl siding?” in the first place was likely to save money. However, depending on the actual results of the paint job, the kind of paint used, and other factors, you could end up paying more to try painting your vinyl than to replace it.

An improper paint job can make your home look worse than when you started. It can also directly damage your home, causing further issues.

Even if you hire a professional to paint your vinyl siding, if underlying problems exist with the siding, the paint would only cover those problems temporarily. When they become too much to handle, the cost of repairs will come out of your pocket.

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