15 Window Treatment Ideas To Liven Up Any Space

Window treatments are the perfect way to tie together the design of any kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom. With so many options to choose from, you might have some trouble sorting through window treatment ideas.

Try these 15 ideas to liven up your space! Feel free to mix and match these ideas as long as it feels suitable for your room and specific window installation.

15 Window Dressings Perfect for Any Interior Design Aesthetic

If you’re struggling to whittle down a long list of window treatment ideas, let us help you find the perfect fit for your space. These 15 curtain ideas and window dressings are ideal for any interior design. Adjust them to accommodate your personal style and any room’s aesthetic.

1. Think Big: Floor-to-Ceiling Treatments

Floor to ceiling window treatments

There’s nothing more stunning and classic than floor-to-ceiling window treatments.

Whether you have floor-to-ceiling windows or not, this window dressing adds dimension to your room while creating the illusion of high ceilings. They are also the perfect window treatments for more classic or maximalist homes.

2. Roman Shades With Blinds (or Without)

Roman shades

If you’ve installed blinds in your home already, you’re likely worrying that it’s too late to touch up the design of your window treatments.

Try adding Roman shades over your blinds to add a pop of color or a unique pattern to any drab blind. Roman shades are also great for bedrooms with blinds as they help block natural light.

3. Combine Treatment Types for Extra Dimension

Combination of window treatment ideas

Who said you had to choose just one style of window treatment?

Combining styles like Roman shades with curtains can add dimension to your window’s aesthetic. Fun combinations can also bring together unique colors or patterns for a more exciting look.

4. Coordinate Patterns and Prints With Furniture

One exciting trend in maximalist design is coordinating window patterns with focal pieces of furniture. If the room you’re designing features a unique chair with a funky print or a statement-piece bedspread, bring the room together by adding curtains with the same pattern.

5. Use Rattan Blinds for an Earthy Look

Rattan blinds, synonymous with bamboo shades, add texture and organic structure to any room. A rattan blind’s natural fibers give these treatments a sense of earthiness and are perfect for rooms with natural light.

6. Coordinate Patterns and Prints With Wallpaper

Another feature you can use to coordinate curtain prints and patterns is your room’s wallpaper. 

This style of window treatment goes great in colorful rooms. While it may seem busy to have wallpaper and curtains with the same design, it can create a bold statement that gives any room a wow factor.

7. Use Shutters for a Light, Classic Look

Window shutters

Shutters are an excellent window treatment for a simple, streamlined, and classic look. One important consideration with shutters is the mood of the room you are creating.

Since a shutter’s color will influence the color of the light, make sure that whatever color you pick complements the function and design of the room. White or yellow shutters are great to maximize light, while colored shutters could be fun for a lounge or hangout room.

8. Install Hooks for Unique Framing

Hooks are for more than holding your curtains in place.

You can drape curtains with the proper hook placement to create a more exciting window frame. Unlimited draping options exist when you use hooks, so consider creating a more visually enticing look with them today.

9. Add Valances, Cornices, or Swags for Elegance

Valance over window

Cornices, valances, and swags are all pieces of window treatment hardware that can add elegance, class, or sass to any room.

Cornices have a box-like structure at the top to frame the drapery adorning your window. This type of window treatment works well in classic-style homes going for a more elegant look.

Valances are the shorter, sometimes frilly, window dressings that frame the top part of a window. They’re great for smaller windows. While cornices also include curtains, valances use the top box part as an accent.

Swags are extra twists you can naturally integrate into your window dressing. Their wavy designs add a sense of fun or funky vibe to a room with a more unique, whimsical aesthetic.

Consider these hardware options to spice up any lackluster space.

10. Alternative Curtain Ideas: Try a Folding Screen or Sliding Panel

Folding screen in front of window

Hoping to find alternative window treatment ideas?

Folding screens and sliding panels offer great alternatives to traditional curtains. Typically consisting of wood or composite materials, these window dressings can add a neat architectural feature and texture to your space.

11. Dress French Doors

Many people may hesitate to obstruct large French doors with curtains.

However, adding sheer or light curtains can beautifully break up the view between an interior and exterior space. These window dressings are great in kitchens with large French doors or rooms leading to a yard.

12. Try Shutters for a Chic Farmhouse Look

Like panels and screens, shutters add an organic sentiment to any space. With options of wood, composite, and metal shutters, you can create a contemporary farmhouse aesthetic by adding this feature.

13. Coordinate Furniture and Windows With Short Curtains

If you’re trying to dress a window that is right above a piece of furniture, like a vanity or dresser, add small curtains that stop at the top of your furnishings.

14. Sheer Curtains for Rooms Needing Light

Sheer window curtain

Any room important to daytime hangouts or family time should take advantage of natural light. 

Consider sheer curtains if you’re worried about how window treatments might block this beautiful light. These window dressings come in various colors and accent a room without detracting from natural light.

15. Install Curtains in Ceiling Crevice for a Streamlined Look

A sleek interior mandates a chic window dressing.

Try installing window dressings in a ceiling opening for the most streamlined look. They’ll appear as if they’re flowing from the structure of your home itself, providing a cascading aesthetic.

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